A whirlwind of feathers and percussion

The Piafos are funny birds. The street is a space full of resources for these large friendly birds.
They cack and they croak, they run and they dance, they play and they sing.
Onlookers or spectators fascinate them with their astonished looks and they often have fun teasing them. Their clumsiness often hides some prowess and their curiosity is matched only by their enthusiasm to meet you.
Technical sheet
A musical and clownish parade with 3 to 5 giant puppets:
- 1 percussionist musician and his mobile sound system on a scooter.
- 2 to 4 actors
- Duration 1h30 in 2 or 3 passes
- Triporteur passage: 1m wide
THE SUPERPIAFS children's workshop
Presentation of the rehearsals: 
- Rehearsals (2 x 1 hour with a 30-minute break). 
- Picnic for children supervised by the animators. 
- Make-up and preparation one hour before the performance. 
- Parry of 60 mns or 2 times 30 mns. 
- The schedule is agreed with the organizer. 
- Children should have black or dark-coloured pants. 
- picnic for lunch. 


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