Musical and light show

They show a ballet of colourful umbrellas and an impetuous and exotic repertoire. 
An oblique tribute to Magritte and the Monty Pytons, Umbrella is a musical and luminous ambulatory show.
New Oripeaux and a new repertoire, a swell of ramdam and a surge of absurdity and nonsense, and all that, ugly and gentlemen, served hot on the asphalt. 
Their silhouette is waterproof and black melon hung on the umbrella that covers them. 
They sow doubt and reap the storm, but their fish shouldn't take the water, so they draw a gutter and laugh. 
But you have to see it to believe it! 
Distribution : 
Mario Allegre-Musicen/ Actor
Julie Kiss-Danseuse/ Actress
Ingrid Horem-Dancer/Actress
Christophe Laurent-Musicien/ Actor
Raphael Petit- Musician/Actor
Olivier Peysson- Musician/Actor
Dominique Violet- Musician/Actor
5 artists on the show, 
2 passages of 45 minutes each


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