Batucada "urbano cosmic"

Sent by NASA in another "space-time" in search of unknown civilasations, Cosmics Masters returned... transformed.

Permeated with their various improbable encounters, if they keep a human appearance, they are now disconnected from our means communication and earth lifestyles.

They express themselves in a galactic Esperento that they only understand, but eventually... they express what is essential. And how? Crossing the language barrier and focusing on body language : percussion, bells, swaying, choreography...

They only have one goal : to tame the people and their crazy rhythms seem the best option to train humans in group dances.

At night, they become phosphorescent.

Don't worry, if they are impressive, Cosmics Masters are only there for one thing : the Good Vibration !

Second show concerning this Company : La Timba del Mundo.

5 independent artists.

Phosphorescent suits (night photos taken with Black Lights).

Street, event, stage sound systems, festivals...


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