The gentlemen drummers

Bryan Story

In a fantastic cruise in the Caribbean, the very british Bryan family is bewitched by the energic music and tropical islands. Spellbound, these 4 brothers and sisters attire themself in colorful birds and exotic flowers and concoct a detonating musical cocktail : Bryan 's Groove. Bryan Brothers vibrate their skins with the authentic Oxford accent.

Bowler hat and bat Surdo

They laugh at themselves and are sometimes amazed to be so surprised, absurdity is not far, maybe even in the jacket pocket where they sometimes come out a few iconoclasts and offset objects. Holding chopsticks is distinguished but when the drums beats, Bryan Brothers are proving very charismatic festivity masters. As for Lady Bryan, she dances and sways much as propriety wouldn't allow at the tea time.

Percussion, dance, and street comedy... with humor "so British !"


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