KITCHEN NOISES (Bruits de cuisine)

Spicy musical strolling!

These musicians tumble in the streets, dressed like Chefs.

This formation, a bit special and very acoustic, settles in a few minutes and distils a jazzy music that sails on New-Orleans swing standards but also towards warmer temperatures, with Bossas and even some Sambas...

Very mobile, they are attracted by participative audiences. It is in that spirit that "Kitchen noises" emulsifies, and turns up the heat to inebriate those who will let themselves get carried away. On the menu, wriggling for legs and sweets for ears!

Formation : 4 to 6 musicians, they can also come as waders!

Audience : for all ages

Place : street, square, outdoor

Equipment : Self-running


To access the downloads, please send us an email :