Festive Alpine Jazz... but not only!

From the top of our snow-covered peaks, the "Savoyard Quartet" arrives. Jazz, Swing, festive and colourful stroll, Les Savoyards demonstrate an undeniable generosity and dexterity.
Duo, Trio, Four piece band.... Six piece band, in the street, evening events or even on the slopes... with or without skiing, Les Savoyards only have traditional costumes and some essential references to local folklore... but "not too much", which allows them to adapt to all types of situations.
Possibility of several costumes during the same performance (Savoyards, Téléféérique Jazz band, Chameleons...). Les Savoyards also offer services on stilts.
Training: from Duo to Sextet
Directory: Traditional, New Orleans, Swing, Variety


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