Street orchestra

Inspired by South American and tropical music, SopaLoca's 7 illuminated songs spice up their repertoire with a variety of influences. The ensemble re-orchestrates cumbias, rumbas, dances, salsas... and adorns them with unusual musical currents ( reggaeton, hip-hop, rock, disco, etc...). 
Punctuated by offbeat choreographies and tinged with burlesque situations, SopaLoca's acoustic and mobile formula unites the crowds in a light and festive atmosphere. The mobility of his training encourages a complicit and dynamic play, and allows him to meet the public and appropriate the public space.
Eugène Gaumeton: Clarinet, soprano saxophone and megaphone
Nathalie Diebold: Clarinet and small percussion
Thomas Caharel: Trumpet and small percussion
Florian Tillard: Trombone and small percussion
Axel Pfalzgraf: Baritone saxophone, megaphone and small percussion
Gaëlle Bauer: Sousaphone and small percussion
Aldric Plisson: Percussion set and small percussion


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