Rock'n Jazz Brass Band

The Yellbows, a quartet of original compositions with a southern American accent.
Stephan Notari is a singer, drummer, washboarder, guitarist but also author and composer. 
He is well known in the world of blues music for being, among other things, Mathis Haug's travelling companion and partner, as well as for his collaborations with JJ Milteau, Raphaël Lemonnier and Pura Fé.
In this new project, he created an original acoustic group to give his songs a subtle blend of American cultures between jazz new orleans, Creole blues and bayou folk. 
For this project, he surrounded himself with Matthieu Maigre on trombone, who played in New Orleans with the famous Kirk Joseph and his Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Alexis Borrely on sousaphone and Thibaud Roussel on banjo tenor, famous rhythmic duet that forms the backbone of many bands from the new jazz scene.
The Yellbows is at the same time joyful, a little crazy, funky and downright rock'n' roll... 
Between Rock'n'roll energy and Brass Band sound...
4 musicians 
Small mobile concerts with sound system 


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