Balkanic brass band

As worthy heirs of the Zourna/Davul bands, Bulgarian wedding music groups used to gather for wedding festivities in the village of Stambolovo. Banished and discredited, they then evolved, in the hands of the gypsies, to become today these musical ensembles where tradition blends with jazz influences.
Thus, Captain Stambolov, revisits the greatest standards of coceks, horos and kopanitsas while proposing his own repertoire to the various influences. This mix of colours, tinged with strong melodies and humour, forms a resolutely energetic ensemble. The Captain has fun, crushes, improvises, exchanges and takes you into his universe where the musical whirlwind suddenly makes the atmosphere lighter. An invitation to celebration, dance and sharing so that traditions can continue, move and evolve...

6 musicians on the move and small fixed ones


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