Fanfare Burlex

This is a band that isn't afraid of anything!

The problem. They sail in the sea of music they like. And tastes are particularly rich : Jazz improvisation inexhaustible source, the infectious rhythms of Music from East and Eastern, large tubes of Funk, the enchantment of the Classical and jingles for young audiences but usually known.

But how do they link all these musical styles? By a burlesque interpretation and a bit shifted, by a natural energy, and especially by the Game !

These musicians play in many sense. First, their instrument that is both a source of rhythms and harmonies. Then, comedy that coats each performance. Finally, the public that found naturally in participating in the show. And even the visual side as their suits may vary depending on the context.

4 musicians : alto sax, soprano sax, trombone, drums.


To access the downloads, please send us an email :