Tarantolles and Farantelles on the menu

History: Archimedus, Cascadus, Bouftousss and Rigoltousss are neither Bretons, or Normans and even less Gardois, they are CHTOUSSS... ! These four characters straight out of a cartoon are sensitive, funny, crazy, curious, jokers and jokers.
They have been in Europe for a few weeks and these four nomads invite us to discover their traditions, their customs, but also their dances and their music: La Farandelle and La Tarandolle.
They travel in their Chtoussscar and will be happy to show you this machine.
It is to the sound of their festive and catchy music that they bring you
initiate to the dance of the Chtousss, to the singing of monophonies
Chtoussstiques and invite you to have a drink of friendship
around a mint Shrooms....


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