Joker, lecturer but above all juggler!

"I saw a peacock with a trail of fire, I saw a shooting star releasing hailstones, I saw a cloud surrounded by ivy, I saw an old oak crawling down on its belly,..."
The Alchemist, a strange and mysterious character, close to nature and its elements, plays with his vials, with the sand that he transforms into gold.... Matter no longer holds any secrets for him. He is none other than one of the many characters who walk the courtyards of miracles, the forests... and the old castles. He is a joker, a liar and above all a magician... he has more than one trick in his bag, he is scary, he amuses, he entertains, he entertains, he bewitches! 
He invites young and old to participate in his extraordinary adventure. He has known kings, princesses, charlatans, wanderers, fortune tellers.... He was waiting for you!
The press is talking about it:
"The Alchemist and his Ali Baba cave, an entertainment between a fairground scam and a curiosity cabinet where you let yourself be carried away by the lightness of deception. In this show Thierry Nadalini passes with malice from the art of transmutation to the elixir of long life, from salamander training to the book of all the secrets of the world! This is enough to trigger many surprises! ».
Le Dauphiné Libéré.



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