Magic and fool's games

L'escamoteur is not a one-day celebrity! 
For more than twenty years, this skillful liar has been using his talents on hot, wet or powdery pavers.
This is his ordinary theatre, between the scientists' platform and the turkey market.
Carefree of the sun, carefree of the rain, tireless on his legs, he will tell you the mysteries of Paris.
Inventor of Persian powder, forgery-proof paper and taffeta for corns, he will make you participate in his sleight of hand.
With his crash, his hat high, his eyes shining, he will come towards you with a capable air, pull out his magic wand, pass nutmeg, pull the cards and retract coins and rings.
Your eyes will be fixed, your ears hanging, your mouths gaping and you will look without seeing! Because the science of the escamoter is to remove, change and make disappear without your knowledge.
Let yourself be fascinated by this bottle bettor, this robber of the sidewalk!
Show : For all audiences
Duration: One hour
Technical : Autonomous in sound, lighting and stage background
Public gauge: 200 to 250 people


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