Pop-up storytelling

In a workshop, hanging papers dry. Leopoldine flutters from one library to another, both full of books, origami, suitcases and.... of the whole mess of a lifetime. 
Leopoldine is a true story collector, a storyteller who has more than one story in her drawers. It is true that she likes to talk with her companion camel (don't worry, it is origami) but she also sometimes thinks she is a princess (which is no more reassuring...). Finally, we are almost more reassured when snow begins to swirl above our heads or when voice-overs appear from our books. 
Leopoldine will never tell you about a continent or a season without paper elements. Whether folded, cut or glued, paper is the other inhabitant of this workshop. It brings a lot of softness and creates a hushed atmosphere. Here Leopoldine gives life to animals in kirigami, turns the pages of a huge book in pop-up and whispers in the ears of origami. 
Between poetry and musicality, this show is a unique journey to the land of storytelling and paper. 
Tray: minimum 6m x 4m (full black or semi-darkness appreciated)
Electrical conditions: 2 x 16A single-phase sockets (2 independent circuits) 
Installation time: 3 hours (2 hours of technical installation, 1 hour of installation)
Lodge: need for a space to change and make-up 


To access the downloads, please send us an email : info@afozic.com