In this "Tas", there is a hole. And in this hole a multitude of bugs, whose cohabitation is sometimes stormy.
Not to mention the ones that revolve around it and come to point their noses!
Their daily life, bathed in sunlight, interspersed with microcataclysms, becomes even more complicated when a lost speleologist arrives...
A Rock'n Roll touch, brought to the staging by Stéphane Filloque, (Carnage Production, Domi and Claude Les frères Grumeaux, le G.I.G.N.) confirms the "poetically incorrect" spirit of this show, which ultimately seduces both adults and children alike. Because visual and sound suggestion, thanks to amplified sound effects, creates relief and depth while giving access to different levels of reading.
Public: Any public from 2 years old
Number of artists: 2 puppeteers Duration: 45 mn
Gauge: 300 to 500 people (if more, contact us for room technology)
Stage space 4 m x 3 m
Ceiling height 3.50 m in the room
Access to the stage space for the set: width: 1.20 m Contact us if: stairs, elevator
Power supply: 220v 16 amp
Installation time on the street: Preparation in dressing rooms: 1 hour
Assembly on the stage space: 15 mn / disassembly: 15 mn Autonomous sound and light.
Installation time in the room:
Editing: 1h30 / dismantling: 45 mn Autonomous sound and light


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