In a 1920s dancefloor atmosphere, visual black and white checkerboard, the jazz orchestra plays...
Cabaret scenes; singing, dancing, poker, lively surrealist discussions.....
The party is in full swing when a gangster bursts in!.........
Visibly pursued by police cars whose sirens can be heard in the distance, armed with a machine gun (confetti), cluttered with a heavy baggage that he pulls behind him...
The gangster finds there a refuge that agrees to collaborate and we quickly discover that the luggage is none other than a safe, alas well closed, of which we do not know the combination and of which we would obviously not have the key!
The whole group will compete with each other for ideas to try to find an open solution... and maybe to appropriate the chest and especially its contents... Here is even a waitress who quietly pulls herself out of the window upstairs to try to steal the loot.... loot... if there is...?
Training: 2 to 14 artists
Psaage time: 2 x 45 minutes
Preparation time: 4 hours
A manager from 2 artists
Provide a large dressing room with as many tables and chairs as artists, mirrors, and catering


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