Humor, sensuality and elegance for unexpected situations.

Be amazed at a street corner by these 3 waders, colored mime artists, while femininity and high pitched.

Who, among Mischievous, Romantique or Coquette, will come in the middle of the crowd, the time of a jingle to play with you ?

Mischievous Dam'Oizelle is tricky, lively and clever. She teases the audience with a few little mischievous games and offers small gifts containing butterflies (artificial) that fly.

Romantic Dam'Oizelle is sentimental, dreamy, sensitive and idealistic. Still in awe of the wonders of life, she offers flowers to cheer all hearts.

Dam'Oizelle Coquette is elegant, neat, charming and seductive. She searchs to please and provided with her most extravagant shapes of hats, she transforms the streets in fashion show.


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