A true phenomenon on stage !

The DYNAMICS were created in 2003 when British MC Stevie Levi settled down in Lyon, France. Their music is a witness to the influence of American soul on Jamaican music. Their unique sound retraces the connections between soul, reggae and dub, mixing old-school flavours and modern production techniques. The result is deep, dynamic and characterized by strong vocals and an effective stage presence.

Their inspired covers are played all around the world today. From Prince to The White Stripes, including the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley as well as Herbie Hancock, they play great hits in a ROOTS an DUB style. Hypnotic filters, vibrating keyboards and an uncommon gift for interpretation allow us to rediscover all these masterpieces in a new light.

Seeing them on stage is an excellent way to approach their music.

After a series of explosive EPs, they toured intensely for two years through Europe and in Japan and played in numerous festivals (Glastonbury, Sudwest Portugal, Reggae Sun Ska, Lovebox, Festineuch, Garorock ...).



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