Multifaceted DJ

Actor of the French hip-hop / turntablism scene since 2010, Saligo combines versatility and technicality and stands out as a dj, scratcher and beatmaker with passion and talent. A musician since childhood, he is now an active member of Tour de Manège label, which accompanies him in the release of several vinyls and of the collective Le Vers 2 Trop. Widely recognized in the world of turnablism, as evidenced by his track record, he is as comfortable in scratch competition as in front of an audience. Accustomed to renowned stages such as Le Bataclan, La Cigale, La Fête de l'Huma on which he spoke with rappers Davodka and Dooz Kawa, Saligo offers sets researched and carefully digged. Deeply inspired by the diversity of English musical culture, he collaborates with various British artists such as Kao Nashi, Immi Larusso and Dedpan with whom he produces several EPs.
Performing for several years, it is through sharing with the public that Saligo's passion takes on its full meaning. Familiar with French clubs such as la Bellevilloise, le Mellotron in Paris or la Laiterie in Strasbourg. He also performs in Germany, Switzerland and Quebec. Perfectionist and committed, he composes his lives as one tells a story. Passing through grime, trap, UK Garage, bass-music and deep house, all harmonized with powerful and incisive scratches. The perfect alliance between current hip-hop and cutting-edge electronic music. A sound journey that will move heads and feet until the first light of day.

Pprize list :

Champion de France Ida 2018

Champion de France Beat 4 battle 2018

Finaliste IDA World 2018

Champion de France Clash of the Titans 2019

Champion de France Clash of Cuts 2019

Vice Champion du monde DMC catégorie Portablist 2019


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