Prestige of Slavic music, chants and dance

The Troïka Ensemble settled in France 15 years ago. It's renowned today as one of the most prestigious dance, chants and slavic music companies. Under the direction of Alexeï Birioukov, Master of balaïka (graduate of Moscow Academy), the Ensemble has performed on the finest European stages (Paris, Lille ,Bordeaux, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Marocco...), and in diverse events (Miss France, Tennis Open...).

A universe that goes from Brahms, Liszt or Borodine's essentials to the greatest Eastern Europe popular songs ("Les Yeux Noirs", "Kalinka", "Le Temps des Fleurs"), inluding slavonic repertory (sometimes hidden) treasures.

Come on a fairytale journey aboard an imaginary « Transsiberian »,  which goes on a voyage of discovery across the cultures of Eastern Europe, experience the music, the song and  dance, the humour, the costumes…. From the banks of the Volga to Belorussia, from Cossack songs to Ukrainian dances, from Romania to Siberia… An unforgettable singing, dancing and musical show.

Formation : Balalaika, Russian accordion, guitar, violin, piano, costumes, songs, dances…

Artistic direction :

Alex Birioukov, master of balalaïka, graduate of Moscow Academy of Music

Galina Birioukova, graduate of Moscow Academy of Music


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