Musical melting pot

The musical project THE SMALA was born in France, in Nantes in 2010 with the meeting of different musicians and the Andalusian singer Carlos Lobo, gathered during the festival "Graine d'Amour" organized to help the victims of the earthquake in Haïti.

With more than 200 concerts and 4 tours in Latin-America in three years of existance, the thirteen members of the band, marrying nine different cultural origins, mix with talent their respectiv influences (France, Argentina, Cuba, Chili, Morocco, Uruguay, Benin, Algeria, United-States...)

The cultural exchange and the fusion of musical styles become the basis of the project which will find its final form in 2012 : the SMALA BANDA presents its show including new roots and musical influences, for a multi-ethnic and borderless music.

A concert of the Smala is first of all a big party where we dance unconditionally until exhaustion. It passes from the Ska to the Rumba Flamenca, from the Salsa to the Hip-Hop or from the Reggae to the Cumbia...

This unique rendering, with a big instrumental diversity and several languages, has already got a huge success on the sud-American stage. Sharing the stage with artists from Latin-America and the rest of the world (Banda Conmocion, Sergent Garcia, Pascuala Ilabaca...) the band has established itself as a major band of the contemporary Chilean stage.

Formation : 1 singer, 1 singer/beatboxer, 2 guitarists (electric and electro-acoustic)/singers, 1 bassist, 2 percussionists (drum, cajon, congas, timbaletas, derbouka, balafon, djembe...), 1 pianist, 1 trombonist, 1 saxophonist and 1 flutist/clarinettist


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