Son Cubano y Salsa... callente

DIABLOSON is a salsa formation "dura y caliente" born in 1999 with the meeting of 12 musicians, came from the hotest Latin America countries : Cuba, Argentina, Chili, Panama, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico...!

It's leaded by Alejandro Spina "El Pata" (Argentina) and Maximiliano Lizana (Chili), pianist composer. This mix of cultures registers in a same art of living everyday life and music : on a spontaneous rhythm, with the spirit of absolute freedom and a boundless energy which touches the spectators' heart.

More than a performance style, it's the ability to share this joy of living, to play, sing or dance which makes of DIABLOSON one of the best group of the Latino-French scene.


More than 800 concerts.


Formation : piano, guitar, sax, contrebasse, congas, timbales, trumpet, trombone, choir, singings


To access the downloads, please send us an email : info@afozic.com


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