Glamorous trio

Discover this glamorous trio with a refined look and harmonies...
For a lounge party or a frenzied dance party, Ladies Night will entertain you with a subtle and evolving repertoire.
Marina's soft voice will lull you to lounge and jazzy music, Rose will take you away with her powerful voice, Céline will set the mood for dancefloor tracks with her soft and deep voice.
3 different personalities, 3 strands of voice, 3 friends gathered around the music and the party with humor and lightness.
With their years of experience, they will be able to accompany you throughout your evenings.
MUSICAL STYLE: pop, lounge, French and international varieties, disco, ranging from Madonna to Bruno Mars via Earth Wind and Fire, Téléphone, Amy Winehouse, The Weeknd, Clara Lucciani or even Abba!
Formation: 3 singers + soundtracks.
Playing time: 2h30 to distribute.
Technique: autonomous in sound.


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